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Meet - Vyacheslav Bazylev
An experienced guide in the world of trading, who is guaranteed to do the best for you to succeed on the exchange.
  • 19 years in the investment industry, 12 of which he devoted to asset management of Institutional Investors.
  • Professional asset manager. Managed assets in leading investment companies in Ukraine.
  • Best Portfolio Manager of Ukraine (UAIB, Ukrainian Exchange) 2009.
    The most profitable trader in Ukraine in 2011 according
    Dragon Capital и Ukrainian EXchange.
  • He worked with securities, futures, traded on the UB, RTS-MICEX, NYSE, CME
  • Since 2016, he has been focused on trading digital assets and managing Client accounts.

Certified coach of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), who teaches you to think, not just repeat.

Uses trading strategies that allow you to earn in a falling, rising market, and market that goes sideways.

“These are disparate income opportunities that no other investment vehicle in the world can provide.”

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    Due to high volatility, i.e. significant fluctuations in value, cryptocurrencies are of obvious interest to themselves from investors. For this type of asset, one can often observe an increase or decrease in prices by tens of percent within one to two days. With the proper approach, earnings on them can many times exceed the profit from more traditional types of investments: bank deposits, trading in conventional currency and stock markets, etc.

    Trust management.

    One of the options for investing in cryptocurrency is to transfer access to the execution of transactions on your account (trust management) to a portfolio manager (trader). On the one hand, the idea is taken from traditional stock markets, where it has been working for many years and thousands of investors have successfully used it. However, the choice of the person to whom you are going to entrust the management of your capital should be approached with all responsibility. Be sure to first study the offers on the market, compare the conditions offered by different companies, read the reviews of their customers, etc.

    A reliable and professional trader, managing your funds as part of the company’s total capital, will be able to provide a return on investment at a level that is not comparable to traditional financial investment options. For example, if you open a deposit in a bank, then the maximum you can count on is 18% per year, while the cryptocurrency market can give more than 30% per month. It all depends on the qualifications of your manager and the composition of your portfolio.


    After studying the prospects and the state of the market in relation to brokerage trading, we can conclude that such investments are very attractive at the moment. Today the market shows the minimum values ​​of the value of the main coins at annual intervals. This is a good time to buy assets at a low price. After all, the market cannot stay in this state for a long time, and many analysts predict an early reversal of the trend towards growth. An experienced portfolio manager, operating with your funds, will help you get the maximum profit in this situation.

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