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trader and asset manager with 19 years of investment experience

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Vyacheslav Bazylev started taking his first steps in trading back in 2003.

At that time, between 2002 and 2003, it was the dawn of Forex, literally everything was covered with posters: “Start with $ 100 and in a week you will have $ 1000.” I was young then, naive, like everyone else, I was interested in it. I took courses at the company where it was originally written that this was a job offer. I paid money for a couple of book things that were taught then in Forex kitchens, a la teaching technical analysis. On the demo account, it started to work out well, they gave a real working deposit of $ 5,000. In two weeks of trading, I earned 15% of this amount, but, of course, the bonus was not paid to me.
But this area did not disappoint me completely, and thoughts about investments, dreams about the future in the investment industry did not leave me.
The next step was a 2-year internship in a Ukrainian company and self-obtaining a trader’s certificate. Even having it, I had to beat the thresholds of leading firms for a long time, until I was taken to myself by 40, at that time, according to the invest account. the company of Ukraine. In 4 months, my colleague and I brought it to the 10th place, and in another 3-4 months — in the TOP 3 investment companies of Ukraine along with Dragon Capital and Troika Dialog Ukraine.

Vyacheslav received most of his knowledge independently, having developed unique methods for predicting market behavior and applying his knowledge in asset trading. For more than 17 years of his career, he has managed to work with a variety of investment instruments:

  •       With fiat currency pairs.
  •       with securities.
  •       With futures.
  •       with digital assets.

Vyacheslav worked on such trading platforms as: NYSE, CME, RTS-MICEX, UB, Bitfinex, Binance, etc.

His experience also includes working with the largest Ukrainian investment funds for more than 12 years.

The amounts in management were significant, each quarter varied by 3-5%. And then came the crisis of 2008. He became perhaps the most revealing and, so to speak, instructive. In the first months of the crisis, I failed and the portfolio collapsed by 20%, but in the next 4 months – recovered absolutely all losses. And at the end of 2008 I reached the best results in Ukraine, as a result of which, already in 2009, the Ukrainian Stock Exchange and the Ukrainian Investment Business Association nominated me as the Best Asset Manager.

In 2016, Vyacheslav decided to focus on trading digital assets as the most promising and highly profitable. Since then, 3 years have passed, he was able to fully integrate into the market and adapt his knowledge to it.

It was 2016, the market began to boom, and my partners offered to record videos, create an online course. At the time, I was very negative about it. But soon, in 2017, he nevertheless paid more attention to this industry. I created an account on TradingView, started writing my ideas, got a response…

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Confirmation of qualification

The high professionalism of Vyacheslav Bazylev in the field of asset trading on the stock exchange and investment management is confirmed by his victories in various specialized competitions and numerous awards, certificates and certificates. This is the title of the Best Portfolio Manager of Ukraine in 2009 (according to UAIB, Ukrainian Exchange), and the Best Private Investor 2011 (nomination The most profitable trader according to Dragon Capital, Ukrainian Exchange), and an ICF certificate, and many others.

Activities of Vyacheslav Bazylev

At the moment, Vyacheslav Bazylev is focused on two areas in his activities: trust management of capital and, to a lesser extent, on the training of professional traders and business managers.

Investment activities

Trust management of the investments of their clients is a priority in the professional activity of Vyacheslav Bazylev. Thanks to his knowledge and experience in asset trading, he manages to avoid unnecessary risks and respond in time to market changes, which has a positive effect on the size of his investors’ deposits.
The main conditions contributing to the growth of capital under his management are:

  • More than 19 years of successful experience in the field of investment, as well as profitable trading.
  • Own unique trading strategies that take into account many different factors.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the psychology of ordinary traders and “whales”, with certain market movements.
  • Diversification of the investment portfolio.
  • Experience in managing large amounts of capital
  • Work only with the largest exchanges.
  • Constant monitoring of the news background and the availability of own sources of insider information, which allows you to constantly be in the “mainstream” of the market.


My ideas on TradingView began to receive more and more responses, many asked questions like “How, what, teach-show…” And at some point one of the guys asked me to teach him online analysis and trading. At that time, I was still partially engaged in work on artificial intelligence, and I was able to devote 1-2 hours a day to it.
After 10-15 days of training, he said that he had advanced a lot in this area, that he had never seen such an interesting and effective approach, although he was trained by traders who gave good technical analysis. And in the end, he asked me for permission to introduce the guys who could broadcast my methods and systems to a wider audience. So we became partners with one of the companies in the field of training.

About a year ago, Vyacheslav decided to create his own team of professional traders and developed an author’s trading training program. This program is designed for different levels of knowledge of participants:

  •       The Junior Trading course is designed for beginners, contains basic knowledge of the market, analytical tools and trading psychology.
  •       The Trading Pro course is designed for more experienced participants who are familiar with the basics of trading and have experience working on exchanges.
  •       Premium coaching “Chair” is designed for experienced traders who are ready to invest their own significant capital and see the prospects in this direction. Training takes place under the direct supervision of Vyacheslav, practically at the same desk.
  •       New Online Trading Product. These are 1-hour weekly live trading sessions with Vyacheslav Bazylev.

It should be noted that the main activity of Vyacheslav Bazylev is trading and asset management, so seminars and offline courses are held in his spare time and cannot cover everyone. In order to be guaranteed to get into the next set of participants, you need to contact Vyacheslav’s managers in advance and sign up for participation in the training program.

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