Junior - Trader

A complete basic course for novice traders or for those who want to become one.


  • Heard about trading but can’t figure out the details
  • Dreams of becoming a trader and sees potential in the digital asset market
  • I saw how my friends made money on the growth of the market, and I would like to do the same
  • What is a spread?
  • What is volatility?
  • What is bid and ask?
  • What is a short?
  • Register on the exchange
  • Make deposit/withdrawal of funds
  • Enable 2FA verification
  • See support and resistance levels


The quintessential trader with 19 years of experience in the investment industry in plain language

A step-by-step plan for a quick and easy mastering of trading

Digital asset trading strategy

0% water on the Junior course

Special conditions for studying on the Trading PRO course

Access to class records for 6 months


Module No. 1. Introductory lesson (duration 1 hour 20 minutes)

  • Services I recommend
  • Exchanges where I recommend trading
  • Graphs, basic elements
  • Deposit and withdrawal of coins from the exchange
  • Coin Selection Criteria
  • Coin storage outside exchanges, cold wallets
  • Fishing time for trading
  • Trading styles/techniques

Module No.2. Coin analysis. The main chips in practice (duration 42 minutes)

  • step-by-step recommendations in trading mechanics
  • graph analysis
  • postulates of technical analysis
  • the concept of trend/trend
  • trading in price channels
  • support and resistance levels
  • trend reversal patterns trend
  • continuation patterns trend
  • lines channel
  • lines triangles

Module No. 3. Money management system. Risk system (duration 40 minutes)

  • trading in channel formations
  • working with volatility
  • phases and cycles
  • of the buyer and seller zone (reduction and increase of risk/volume)

Module No. 4. Psychology of making transactions with large capital (duration 24 minutes)

  • working with the potentials of the upcoming movement
  • calculation of time ranges in trading
  • methods of distribution and collection of positions


You will understand who a trader is and learn the basics of successful trading.
You will register on the exchange, make your first deposit and make your first transactions.
You will know how to avoid hundreds of mistakes that lead to the loss of money.
You will learn to control your emotions in trading.
Develop your trading strategy.
You will earn your first money by trading.

Junior Trading Training Course

Junior Trading is a basic course that will tell you about the intricacies of the trader’s profession. The course program is optimized for obtaining basic skills and concepts in a minimum time.

In the course of training in the Junior Trading course, you will understand how:

  • Register your account on the exchange.
  • Create a wallet.
  • Top up your account or withdraw funds from there.

In addition, you will get acquainted with the basics of technical analysis – learn how to correctly determine support and resistance levels, see reversal figures and trend directions in the pricing chart. You will learn about the psychology of different market participants and their motivation in making trading decisions.

Although the Junior Trading course is mainly aimed at beginners, experienced traders will also be able to find something new in it for themselves, fill in possible gaps in their knowledge or get up-to-date information.

The trading course for beginners Trading Junior includes 4 modules.

Introductory module

This module is designed to get acquainted with the main tools used for trading on the stock exchange, the organization of your workplace and the main services of a trader.

During the introductory module, you will:

  • Learn about the structure of the market, as well as the most reliable exchanges and services for trading.
  • Learn how to withdraw and deposit money on exchanges
  • Get information about cold wallets, their types and purpose
  • Learn how to choose a coin for your investment portfolio. Get acquainted with the concepts of volatility and liquidity for a single instrument
  • Familiarize yourself with the main styles and techniques of trading in order to finally choose the best one for you

Module №2

This module focuses on the first steps in choosing and creating the structure of your trading algorithm.

During the module, you:

  • Familiarize yourself with market analysis tools.
  • Learn about the main figures of technical analysis, their importance and mechanism of use.

Module №3

This module is designed to gain risk and money management skills, that is, a competent approach to planning and distributing your capital.

After completing the module, you:

  • Learn how to work with volatility (rapid price changes).
  • You will learn how to trade different types of channels and why the price repeats global patterns even over long time intervals.
  • You will understand the difference between different phases of the market, the criteria for cyclicity.
  • Get detailed information about buyer and seller zones

Module №4

This module is devoted to the psychology of market participants – small traders and big capital.

During the module you:

  • Gain knowledge about the psychology of major players, “whales” of the market.
  • Get to know the basics of working with the potential of upcoming movements
  • You will understand how to calculate time intervals for trading. You will find out when it is most profitable to trade.
  • Learn how to distribute and collect positions

To get the maximum profit from timely investments and trading, sign up for a training course for beginners Trading Junior right now!

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